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SEC Business

This section describes SEC Almaty tools and solutions for entrepreneurs and investors

Investment Attraction

Benefits for investors in Almaty

Exemption from customs duties when importing equipment.

Tax preferences: exemption from value-added tax on imports of raw and other materials.

State in-kind grants in the form of land plots, machinery and equipment, measuring and regulating devices, industrial and household inventory, buildings and structures, computer equipment and vehicles (except for cars).

Additional tax benefits are provided for priority investment projects:

  • Corporate income tax for 10 years – 0%
  • Land tax for 10 years– 0%
  • Property tax for 8 years – 0%

Almaty Invest

You may wish to contact Almaty Invest for consulting, information on investment opportunities, project plans and needs of the city

Industrial Zone

We can provide land plots with all communications for the placement of large production in the Almaty Industrial Zone

Capital Construction Enterprise

Please consider the possibilities of a subsidiary Capital Construction Enterprise when you assume any construction activities

Public-private partnerships

We are considering the possibility of implementing projects through public-private partnerships


Assets are non-residential premises, administrative and industrial buildings, land plots that can be sold for commercial and social projects.

Investment projects are implemented on the basis of these land plots and objects. Assets are distributed among entrepreneurs and investors through auctions and tenders (investment offers).

Cooperation Mechanisms


Rent is the easiest option for cooperation, where SEC Almaty provides a partner (lessee) with an object for a certain period of time. Depending on the social orientation of the project, the object is provided for a paid or free rent, and the option of a long grace rent period is also considered.

Joint activity

Joint activity is the most flexible instrument of cooperation, involving the implementation of an investment project without forming a separate legal entity. Contributions of the parties can be both cash and real estate.

Joint activity implies withdrawal from SEC Almaty project after a specified period of time by selling own share to an investor at a price fixed in the contract.

Joint venture

Joint venture is the implementation of an investment project with the creation of a legal entity. This mechanism is used in large open-ended projects involving the conduct of operational activities.

Fiduciary management

Fiduciary management implies the transfer of a certain object, which is on the balance sheet of SEC Almaty, to a fiduciary for conducting operational activities. The fiduciary invests funds to bring the facility into a satisfactory condition suitable for operation and intended use.

As part of this mechanism implementation, the beneficiary is SEC Almaty, which pays certain remuneration to the fiduciary (a fixed rate or part of the profit/income received).

Investment agreement

Investment agreement is a format of cooperation where SEC Almaty finances an investment project for a certain period. This mechanism is used primarily in priority and socially significant projects.

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Small industrial parks

Small industrial parks are the areas with established communications for the implementation of production activities.

Production facilities are built within the city together with investors or owners of production centers and are provided on preferential terms:

  • Fixed rental rate, regardless of devaluation risks
  • Loan terms: 5-7 years
  • Loan amount: up to 300 million tenge
  • Interest rate: 2 and 6% per annum 

Premises cost:

  • Rent: 1,000-1,200 tenge/m2
  • Purchase: up to 145,000 tenge/m2
Existing industrial parks


Relocatable trade objects (RTOs)

Relocatable trade objects (RTOs) are easily assembled structures for the development of small and medium-sized businesses.

At the moment, 99 land plots have been selected for the placement of RTOs in 8 districts of Almaty. Their transfer to SEC is in progress.

The distribution of RTOs occurs through:

  1. Holding an auction with the use of the English method (ascending price dynamics) via www.gosreestr.kz
  2. Concluding an agreement on joint activities by holding an open tender.

Auction announcements with detailed conditions are posted on the www.spk-almaty.kz website in the “Announcements”.

RTOs examples
Contact center

Food security

Weekend fairs are weekly temporary trading platforms in Almaty intended for the sale of socially significant food products at prices not higher than recommended ones as well as the sale of agricultural products by local producers and farmers.

  • Located in 8 districts of the city taking into account the needs of citizens
  • Operate on weekends from 9 AM to 6 PM
  • Rent for placement at the fair: 18 650 tenge per month

Trade pavilions are the platforms intended for the retail sale of goods that are ensuring social security and also for selling certain types of products at prices below the market average.

In Almaty, 28 pavilions operate on a permanent basis, where, among others, socially significant products are sold at reduced prices.

The Stabilization Fund is a stock of basic foodstuffs that serves the purpose of ensuring food security, preventing price spikes and food shortages. Replenishment of the Fund is financed by the local budget. 

Now there is a new mechanism to curb the growth of prices for socially significant food products (SSFP) with the involvement of business entities by providing a soft loan.  


Almaty Finance

Almaty Finance is a credit institution that provides an affordable source of financing for private entrepreneurship entities in Almaty. 

  • Small and medium-sized business loaning projects
  • Support in floating capital by financing
  • Loans from 20 million tenge to 500 million tenge
  • Loan terms: from 2 to 7 years
  • Rates: 2 and 6% per annum

Active projects:


Almaty Microfinance Organization

Almaty MFO is a subsidiary of Almaty Finance. Almaty MFO provides financing for representatives of private entrepreneurship in Almaty.

The microcrediting program of Almaty MFO is being implemented under the Almaty Business 2025 Program. The main priority of this Program is the implementation of a set of measures that meet the City for Business and Private Capital mission.

  • Small and medium-sized business loaning projects
  • Support in floating capital by financing
  • Loans from 500 thousand tenge to 58,3 million tenge
  • Loan terms: from 3 months to 7 years
  • Rates: 2 and 6% per annum


Almaty Business 2025 Regional Entrepreneurship Development Program

Almaty Business 2025 Regional Entrepreneurship Development Program is designed to support the development of small and medium-sized businesses and anchor projects in Almaty.

Key directions:

  • Creation of favorable conditions for doing business
  • Increasing the availability of financing
  • Mitigating administrative barriers
  • Training
  • Accompanying support for entrepreneurs
  • Attracting investors.

For more information, please contact Qoldaý entrepreneurship center

Contact center: +7 727 225 10 79

Business Road Map 2025 Program

Business Road Map 2025 Program implements government support tools in the form of funding some part of the interest rate on loan / financial leasing and loan guarantee agreements. In addition, the program stipulates the issuance of state grants and also training for entrepreneurs.

The Program includes 4 directions:       

  • Support for new business initiatives of entrepreneurs in single-industry towns, small towns and rural settlements
  • Industry support for entrepreneurs operating in priority sectors of the economy
  • Reducing currency risks for entrepreneurs
  • Non-financial measures to support entrepreneurship

For more details please visit or call:

  1. Website www.damu.kz
  2. Call Center: +7 (727) 244 55 77, 8 (800) 080 1890 or a short number: 1408

Economy of Simple Things

Economy of Simple Things is a program of soft loaning to support private businesses operating in the processing industry as well as in agricultural and industrial complex.

Program objectives:

  • Development of local production of food and industrial goods used by Kazakhstan people on a daily basis (food, clothing and footwear, furniture, inventory, household appliances)
  • Substitution of imported socially significant food products by local goods
  • Providing financial support to local manufacturers producing priority products

For more details please visit or call:

  1. Website www.damu.kz
  2. Call Center: +7 (727) 244 55 77, 8 (800) 080 1890 or a short number: 1408


Enbek – the Program for Development of Productive Employment and Mass Entrepreneurship for 2017-2021 promotes productive employment of the population and involvement of citizens in entrepreneurship.

Key objectives of the Program:

  1. Training of personnel with technical and vocational education, taking into account the needs of the labor market
  2. Short-term vocational training for qualifications and skills that are in demand in the labor market
  3. Personnel training under the Project called Mangilik El Zhastary – Industriyaga! (Serpin)
  4. Retraining of personnel and redundant workers
  5. Training on entrepreneurship basics under Bastau Business Project
  6. Expansion of microcrediting in rural settlements, small towns, cities and single-industry towns
  7. Guaranteeing loans/microcredits in rural settlements and small towns, cities and single-industry towns
  8. Providing government grants for the implementation of new business ideas
  9. Provision of active measures to promote employment of the population and conduct social vocational guidance for the unemployed and certain categories of employed persons, determined by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  10. Increasing the mobility of labor resources
  11. Development of a unified digital platform for employment
  12. Implementation of complex measures of the Zhastar – El Tiregi National Project 

For more information, please contact Qoldaý entrepreneurship center

Contact center: +7 727 225 10 79

Nurly Zher

Nurly Zher Housing Construction Program is being implemented to increase the affordability of housing for the population.

Key objectives of the Program:

  1. Construction of rental housing without the right to purchase
  2. Construction of credit housing 
  3. Development of individual housing construction
  4. Stimulating housing construction by private developers
  5. Housing construction with the involvement of quasi-public sector entities.

Find more information on the website: www.hcsbk.kz

Call-centre: 300

Almaty Invest

Almaty Invest is a Center for Investment Attraction. 


Key benefits:

  • Creation and support of favorable conditions for attracting investments
  • Packaging and promoting projects
  • Mitigating administrative barriers
  • Development of creative industries
  • Analytical center activities

Existing projects


Almaty Industrial Zone

Almaty Industrial Zone is a territory for the implementation of large industrial and production projects

490 ha

Industrial Zone area

236 ha

Useful area

271,7 ha

Allotted for projects

53,3 ha

Free plots


Benefits for participation:

  • Possibility for obtaining a land plot with the established infrastructure
  • Possibility for obtaining a land plot in the form of a land grant through the Investment Committee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Convenience in centralized provision of utilities
  • Possibility for the long-term rent or purchase of a land plot at a favorable price
  • Promotion and information support for the project participants by the state bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Assistance and consulting on the preparation of the industrial area construction 
  • Ready-made production facilities for renting or selling to an entrepreneur, including those with production infrastructure of idle, mothballed or non-operating manufacturing objects
Completed projects:


Capital Construction Enterprise of Almaty Akimat

Capital Construction Enterprise of Almaty Akimat: solving problems of dilapidated residential properties and improving housing conditions of citizens.

Core activities:

  • Search for land plots for the construction of new residential buildings
  • Resettlement of apartment owners from houses intended for demolition
  • Reconstruction of residential buildings: demolition of dilapidated housing and construction of new residential buildings
  • Preparation of design estimates and control of construction and installation works at the facilities


dilapidated houses are demolished


new houses are built

Benefits of the Capital Construction Enterprise:

  • Investment-attractive land plots in Almaty
  • Construction of external networks at the facility under renovation is arranged at the expense of local executive bodies 
  • Full partner support of the projects, including work with government agencies
  • Single-handed design of a residential building and commercial premises
  • Self-management of financial and economic activities at the time of project implementation


Public-Private Partnership

Public-Private Partnership is the interaction of the state and business to solve socially significant problems on mutually beneficial terms. SEC Almaty is an institution for consulting support in regards to local PPP projects.

Key functions:

  • Consulting support in regards to local PPP projects
  • Organization and holding of seminars, trainings, round tables, conferences and other events
  • Conducting researches and drawing up recommendations
  • Interaction with government agencies, international and public organizations, as well as with potential investors.